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Tooth bleaching

Zobu balināšana
Everyone wants a beautiful and gleaming white smile. The colour of the teeth is influenced by a variety of factors: heredity, age, nutritional products and drinks (e.g. coffee, tea, red wine, coloured fruit and vegetable juices, red wine, etc.), smoking and chewing tobacco (smoking deposits the most deeply in the teeth with the gaseous pigment in tobacco smoke, which makes teeth yellow.). The use of various medicinal products, poor and insufficient oral hygiene is also indicated in the dental colours.

Professional dental bleaching at clinic

Teeth bleaching can only be done in healthy teeth, so we recommend testing the health of your teeth with your dentist. Consideration should be given to the presence of “white” (light-hardening composite seals) in the front teeth, which will not change the tone of the seals and will differ from the rest of the tooth (changes will be required after bleaching).

Dental crowns and venirs in their mouths are also not affected by bleaching. Prior to professional dental bleaching at the clinic, a specialist should be required to apply for advice. During the consultation, detailed information is provided to be made before and after the dental bleaching procedure.

In our clinic, the teeth-hygienist Ineta Novikova is the main specialist for these procedures.

Approximately a week before the bleaching procedure, a dental hygienist should be visited at our clinic. The tooth hygienist clears the toothstone, the soft lining from his teeth.

We are bleaching teeth according to an American methodology: teeth bleaching with hydrogen peroxide. During the procedure, the lips and gums are covered with special material so that they are less exposed to the gum, the mucosing gel. The bleaching gel is carefully applied to the teeth several times during bleaching. Up to 8 shades of white teeth can be obtained as a result of the procedure.

Dental sensitivity is possible during bleaching. If the teeth are very sensitive, the tooth hygienist means the second bleaching session after 3-5 days. Following dental bleaching, strict rules on nutrition, smoking, toothkeeping should be observed. A specialist shall provide more detailed information.

Dental bleaching at home

The teeth can also be bleached at home by filling the tooth-bleaching product into the graves. It is possible to bleach with finished teeth bleaching chops or individually made caps. Teeth-bleaching chops can be purchased at our clinic.

To make individual dental chops, you must sign in with your dentist (0.5 h visit). During the visit, fingerprints and dental chops are removed from the dental laboratory. The preferred bleaching agent and its use is selected with the dentist. Individually produced dental chops may be used several times. A mean 2-3 lighter teeth can be obtained with capseys.

In order to keep teeth white after tooth bleaching, daily care should be taken about the hygiene of the mouth: cleaning your teeth at least twice a day, using small cross-tooth brushes to clean your teeth, and visiting a dental hygienist (the frequency of hygienist visits is determined by your dental hygienist).