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Children's dentistry

Bērnu zobārstniecība
For the teeth to be healthy, beautiful and properly placed, the health of the child's mouth should start to be taken care of after the first tooth has been hatched. Special attention should be paid to correct toothcleaning, since direct timely and adequate oral care can protect your teeth from future treatment. The health of children's mouths and teeth is the responsibility of parents.

Visit to a dental hygienist

We recommend that the child introduce a dental hygienist after the first teeth have been hatched. During the visit, the dentist presents the child in a playing manner with the dentist's chair, some of the devices at the dentist's chair. A child in a chair can sit on his or her own lap. In a child-friendly way, a dental hygienist looks at and counts his teeth, clears his teeth, applies enamel-enhancing foam. During the visit, tell you how to keep your child's teeth, what toothbrush, mail, and other dental products to use in the day. The manipulation of a tooth hygienist is a way to gradually tame a child without being afraid of a dentist. 

In our clinic, the hygienist of small patients' teeth is Ineta Novikov.

Ineta Novikova
Ineta Novikova

Certified dental hygienist

Visit to the children's dentist

We are aware that small patients need special treatment, so we are happy to work with children's parents and children to make a dentist visit a valuable and enjoyable experience. During the first visit, the dentist reviews the child's oral cavity – the condition of the gums, the bite, check the condition of the teeth, answer questions of parental interest regarding dental care, prevention of carietis, prevention of different habits, send to another specialist if necessary.

During a visit to the clinic, we offer: a kind and special attitude, a corner for children, colorful seals for milk teeth, little gifts at the end of the visit. In our clinic, small patients will be expected to be visited by the dentist Līva Lapše and the dentist Ieva Vītola.

We recommend that the visit of the dentist and dentist be selected at a time when the child has slept well and is not tired.

Līva Lapše
Līva Lapše